When the snake people ask for your help

This week’s adventure starts with us being invited to parlay with a group of young Yuan-ti snake people. We had just come into the front of their encampment last week and taken out the guards that were on the gate and my character Frederick had taken over an evil Red Slaad frog dude they were using as an enforcer.

So we came into the large hall and started to parlay and then we were immediately faced with a crisis because the Princess of the snake people called out to me psychically and asked for help. Could she be a member of a group of non-hostile snake people we’ve heard of who are maybe not good but certainly not as bad as these guys, so all confusion started as my character calls out for the group to take out the other guys and save the princess unless she attacks us?

It was a tough fight and the pit master, who is the original controller of the Slaad, was probably the most brutal guy in the group. Eventually, we prevailed, with the two of us almost getting knocked out.

Now we’ve got the Princess of the snake people on our airship time to figure out what to do. The only problem is Frederick is not great at asking questions, mainly because he doesn’t have any idea about the past with this group. Apparently, my friend playing Miri has got a history with these folks. I’m hoping that she can help with that investigation. Frederick certainly does not know.

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