The old mimic in the treasury

I don’t know exactly what happened last night, but eventually, the conversation devolved to suppositories, which is not the thing you expect people to be talking about during a Dungeons & Dragons game. Aside from that, I think it went pretty well. I was trying out a lot of new things, one of which was a large trap-filled treasury which had some fun experimenting with different traps and throwing in a mimic for fun.

Heroes of the island defeated the cultists of the giant jelly monster in a way that I totally did not expect. I had set up some social interaction a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom style before things got weird, and they did what I did not expect. This group has always been one of talking first, trying to befriend, and then resorting to violence later and this time they’d had enough of my BS and decided that they were going to just go for the kill right off the bat, and when I had my lead villain in the very first scene they killed him off. After that, they cleared out the entire evil temple, one room at a time. It really threw me.

Now I’m reconsidering the next group of adventures I had planned and I want to complicate them just a little more before I introduce them to everybody I think I need to make some rooms smarter and more of a challenge that’s appropriate for the characters there as they will be a little higher level next time.

Again, this is an attempt by doing more updates on the site.

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