The Dead Detective: Demon in a Mid-Life Crisis

Book Announcement:

While I was in the hospital, paralyzed and on a ventilator, I came up with a series of books I’d like to write, and this is the first volume in that series. It’s a supernatural adventure detective series, with a young monster-fighting lady and her ghostly detective partner.

Nancy spent most of her life with her mother on a business trip. When she died unexpectedly, her associates, people Nancy had never heard of, began to come out of the woodwork. They came, not only to say their respects but to hand on a legacy and usher her into the supernatural world of mystery that surrounds us all. It was the specter of a self-styled detective in ghostly white that first grabbed her attention.

Then there was a fish-man, a zombie hunter, a guy cursed with attractiveness, someone usually lucky enough not to be there, and don’t get her started about the talking cat. Who were these people? Why was her father so calm about it all? Then she found out about the Demon that got her mother killed because she was having a bad hair day.

She had a choice. Gather some of her mother’s friends for a demon hunting wake and learn something of her world, or leave it all behind and try to let it go. In her hand was a cryptic key. Should she follow her awakening instincts and see what it opened?



He pulled his right hand from his other pocket and held it out to her.

She shook her head. “No tea, thanks.”

He held it out to her. The look on his face was a disappointment. He held it out to her again.

“Come on, take it. It’s all a part of the magic.”

She took the cup carefully. She couldn’t feel his hand, except for a slightly cold spot in the air, but the cup, which she figured would be a total figment of her imagination was bone China attached to nothing she could feel. She took the cup, and grasped it by the cool handle with her index finger, and held the saucer with her other hand, it was nice and warm to her touch. The smell invaded her nose. She’d never been much of a hot tea drinker, but this smelled wonderful and creamy. She tasted it, expecting it to be too hot, but instead, it filled her mouth and throat with creamy goodness. She took another sip and powerful waves covered her body. She could feel the wind, and see flashes of light across eyelids that she quickly realized were closed.

She took the last sip, draining the cup, and opened her hand, the cup was no longer there.

She felt cool wet grass on her neck and could smell freshly cut grass beneath her. Was she laying down? She sat up on her elbows in her own front yard, looking at the stars.

“I miss her.”

“I miss her too.”

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