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In an effort to explain where ideas come from, and the fact that I don’t know where they come from, they just pour all over me, I’m going to drop ten ideas, right here and right now. Feel free to use them, develop them into whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be useful or compelling, just that they will be ideas. Just that. 

I like to think of a workable idea that can be divided into a story is composed of three main elements that can all be expressed in a single sentence. Everything else can be built around that. It goes like this: someone in a place has a problem. From there, you can get a whole story. Some examples: Star Wars— Luke must leave the farm and find out who his father is (and to save him.) Raiders of the Lost Ark— Indiana Jones, an adventurous archaeologist, must find the lost Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do to save the Earth. ET— Elliot, a boy in suburbia, must help a stranded visitor from another planet to signal his people for a ride home before the government can capture him. It’s sentences like these that I like to build stories from and build tension and conflict. 

So here goes, ten-story ideas that I don’t know about yet as I’m typing this that could all make exciting stories:

1. Alan, a mechanic aboard a starship, finds himself alone after a pack of invaders attacks the ship and slaughters the crew. He must climb through the inner workings of the boat and avoid them as he finds an escape pod. Before he ejects, he plants charges to destroy the ship.

2. Mary, a horticulturist in present-day Earth, discovers a new plant with evil intentions, not a new form of fly-trap, but instead intelligent vines that take over her industrial-sized greenhouse. Mary must learn how to defeat them before they can escape, but struggles with eliminating this new species, mainly when it exhibits clear intelligence.

3. Blaze, a firefighter on the front lines of a wildfire outbreak in California, is trapped by a circle of fire around a neighborhood and must help the residents gather together in the middle to await helicopter transport out. He’s the last one away as fire engulfs the house he’s standing on. 

4. Kelly, who has been raised by her mother’s best friend, finds out her long lost parents are alive and trapped in a dreamland they used to play in together as children. 

5. Sam and Samantha (which ought to be trouble enough) are twins, children, who have psychic powers who must find a hidden Russian base for government officials with their minds by clairvoyant remote viewing while they look for a way to escape the station. (With their Russian grandfather)

6. Kevin has locked himself into a cabin in the mountains to finish his first scary novel, when a storm snows and ices him in solid, and the elements of his horror story begin to come to life. The only way to stay alive is to burn the only manuscript.

7. Mr. Smart, a door-to-door salesman of chicken coops, learns that his chickens have come from space, and can teleport with a cluck in and out of his latest enclosure. There’s nothing he can do about it. Maybe this one is just a short story.

8. Kip Dreadful (Marty Dryful) is a professional wrestler who has finally made it to become next Friday’s main event, finds out that his opponent that he’s known for years is a demon and plans to kill him live on television that night.

9. Captain Smith, a former sea captain who runs a coffee house near the ocean, learns that half his clients are merpeople who are working their way into town, running for mayor, they are everywhere. If he holds his left eye closed, he can see their disguised scales with his right. 

10. Ziff is a leprechaun, left in America accidentally after a worldwide hunting party. He must return by foot, which includes walking on water across the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia. 

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