If you have ever found yourself in a Tabletop or Theater-of-the-Mind style RPG game I’ve hosted in the past, and enjoyed yourself, please follow the link and contribute a review I can use to help promote myself on as a professional Game Master. I need at least 5 before I’ll start showing up in search results. Thanks!

Then, if you’re looking to book a game, check out my startplaying profile and see what I’m offering. I’m just getting started, so the actual postings are coming soon.


Start Playing


I have decided to start running games through Start Playing. It's kind of a challenge that sort of what I was looking for. I'm


Monster of the Week


Monster of the Week I have made an RPG discovery that I feel like I should share. It’s called Monster of the Week, and


Dungeon Master’s Guild


Thinking of Writing for Dungeons & Dragons? I first found out several versions ago toward the tail end of Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5