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Never Give Up!

Something of a stranger film that I enjoy is the movie GATTACA, which is so named because it made up not of letters but on the four nucleobases of DNA, as well as the name of the company in the film that Vincent goes to work for. I think it a pretty interesting-sounding name for being limited to four letters, with one vowel available. Anyway, during the film, two brothers living in an alternate version of our times where your double-helix men’s everything and only the cream of the crop are ever hired to do anything interesting or valuable, duel it out, one genetically engineered, and the other fertilized the natural way. One has it all handed to him but hates it, and the other aspires to escape to space, to leave the lunacy of this planet behind. But he can’t, because simply applying for a job turns into a blood or urine test. 

So he has to beat the system just to get anywhere. He enlists the help of one of the elite who was injured and can’t perform, never could as advertised, and never loved the pressure. They team up, one lending the other his blood, bodily fluids, and extra tissues, hairs, things like that to plant around to improve the illusion that he’s something he’s not since detectives in this world seem obsessed with blood and hair samples, and eyelashes. 

That’s not really what I’m on about here though. Watch the movie. I love it. It’s highly stylistic, almost film noir even it it’s in color. Nice music. Thing is, this is a story about someone who makes it when he shouldn’t. He leaves his family who all shun him and tell him he has no future. He lies his way into the job, he makes questionable deals, and studies everything he can to be not just good, but the best at what he does, and he has to act like it’s nothing, when it thrills him just to be there. 

What Vincent does, which I love, and would like to emulate as much as possible, is to not just never hold back, but run so hard towards your goals despite any circumstances, sickness or any reason, not just hold back, but don’t hold any strength back for the swim home. Run, fly, and never look back. There isn’t a swim back. 

Get well, write those stories. Do whatever is in your heart. Never look back. It’s not there. 

Never Hold Back

In the film, the two brothers, who have been quietly avoiding and searching for each other all film meet to swim it out. They used to swim together, into the ocean, to see who would turn face first. When Vincent won’t turn back, his brother doesn’t understand. “I didn’t save anything for the swim back.” It’s the only way to get above the situation sometimes. 

The Swim

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