Start Playing

I have decided to start running games through Start Playing. It’s kind of a challenge that sort of what I was looking for. I’m working with this new RPG system, looking forward to using monster of the week. I think it’s a highly entertaining role-playing game that is designed to keep the characters moving and everyone having fun. I decided to go with the monster theme of the intelligent brain in the jar, and all of the craziness that goes along with that. I wrote the following intro to go with it to give you an idea of what it might be like.

Secretly monster hunters posing as college students, You have been summoned by your favorite science professor Dr. Richard Ixbahn to the grand opening of the new Zilmad Community College Science Building. He is eager to show off his latest experiment Lucy; the first brain revived to consciousness by science! You have been waiting for this chance to meet her.
As guests arrive in town for the gala, movie stars, press, and military, you notice a trend in the news. An outspoken advocate for life science scheduled to be there missed her plane, then didn’t return home either. An Air Force jet carrying a general and his staff and its two fighter escorts vanished on the way, and a Hollywood starlet with a hot sitcom went missing from her hotel room. They all had the same invitation you have.

It’s the day of the gala. Security is high. After getting your ID tags and getting through the checkpoint, you drive up the hill to the new science building.

Getting Started with Monster of the Week

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