Starship Enigma

Starship Enigma is a paid email-based newsletter designed to deliver snippets of space adventure, a serialized story, to your email. Follow the adventures of the guests and crew of the Starship Enigma, a luxury Starliner traveling the galaxy. It’s sort of like Love Boat (yes, I’m that old) in space with pirates and magic.

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Today everyone is on-the-go, even if many are working from home these days, it wouldn’t hurt if mixed into the spam and work project emails you receive if there were a few golden nuggets of modern literature in there purely for your entertainment.

Stuck on a commuter train or waiting for one? Taking a long time using the facilities, or on a lengthy video conference call, you have little responsibility in? Have your phone? Maybe there’s a new email entry waiting for you, a delightful sparkling chunk in the saga of the first intergalactic pleasure cruiser of Earth.

The first few entries each time the Enigma leaves port for stars unknown are accessible to all but after that, the bulk of each serialized story will only be fully available to paid subscribers.