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Flint has to change or die. He’s a police officer on the beat for the last seventy years, still physically young due to advances in medical science, it’s all he’s ever known. 

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Around him, all the new recruits have robotic partners who do their paperwork and chase down the more agile criminals for them. 

After he loses his partner, he’s got to choose. To continue on the force, he’ll have to take on one of these new androids, but he doesn’t it’s forced retirement.

To avenge his partner, or leave the force? There’s at least one more job to do. The robot’s got that long. It better be good.

I decided to start with this one after taking a long time deciding to refresh my catalog. I’ve been wanting to do several updates, and the truth of it is that I’ve learned a ton since I wrote some of my earlier work, and learned to use new tools not to mention that photoshop has made about a bajillion updates since I was most actively using it. And Grammarly. Holy cow Grammarly is now such an integral part of my workflow that I’m not sure I want to go back to not using it. I suppose I partly decided to fix some details in this book as a practice run for edits on future titles. 

I also found a text-to-speech program for my iPad, and I’ve started a pass on novel work editing by using it to help me read my books aloud. I’m able to follow along with the document open and pasting in one chapter at a time I can listen to it and usually have enough time to fix things the eye usually glosses over, double instances of the word “if,” things like that. It’s been dead useful. 

I also wanted to re-publish, and freshen up my stuff because I wanted to start publishing to other sites besides being an Amazon exclusive. There are about a dozen places where I ought to have my work highlighted where I was nowhere near. With publishing to all these additional sites, through Draft2Digital, now each book would have fifty-leven links to find it, then I discovered their Universal Book Link program, that grabs them all together and keeps track of them all for me… oh my goodness they are making me happier and happier. That brilliant link is right here. This might be my new favorite thing of all time.

Now I suppose what I’ll need to do is do my best to get into providing print and audio versions of my work, but that’s another chapter way further down the line. Getting the spines the correct width gives me the sillies, but I’m going to tackle it. 

Stream Deck has saved my life

I’ve been working on drafts of new work as I’ve gotten use of my arms back. Fingers hurt a lot right now and still aren’t useful for much more beyond picking up waffles and frosted mini-wheats sized objects, and particularly one if not two of those drafts are really rough. I’ve set up my Stream Deck, a gizmo designed to make things easier for live video streamers to automate commands, to help me better navigate my word processor. When you are used to moving around everywhere by arrow keys and now you type with just one stylus, and at that have to reach across to get to the laptop keyboard, a paragraph can be a slow process, not to mention a chapter. With the Stream Deck it at least brings the keys (and combos) I use closer to me, which is a huge help. Stream Deck, if you are reading this, I am slowly recovering from nerve damage that left me a paraplegic. I can use my arms again, and some fingers like I said and can wiggle my legs some. You probably don’t see the product as a piece of assistive tech, but I can tell you it has been incredibly valuable to me as I’ve been making my recovery. 

I’m looking forward to 2020.

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