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Watch the Animated  Spell Book!

I know I want to!

This is kind of a departure for me, because what I’m going to do is share with you a series of videos about Dungeons & Dragons that helped pep me back up about the game. Each one is a simple story about either one spell, and the ways in which it can be interpreted, or generally one topic, subject or debate about how a game mechanic is used. They are brilliantly animated and very entertaining. 

There are several seasons available, but these are kind of the top ten. I think the descriptions of Haste and Mage Hand might be my favorites. The one about the magic carpet might be technically the most beautiful, and illustrates the pure joy D&D can be. I mean, it’s not all about fighting monsters, and The Secret Stage of Play is just all true.

1. The Deadliest thing in D&D

2. The Goblins That  Stole a Deck of Many Things

3 $50,000 Carpet Review

4 The Secret Stage of Play

5 Alarm

6. Kuo Toa

7. Eldritch Blast

8. Silent Image

9. Mage Hand

10. Haste

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I hope you enjoyed these. I like to think of all the ways in which the rules of D&D can be bent based on how you, the Dungeon Masters and Players interpret them. I think this guy has it right. I found them, and then practically watched them all within a couple of days.