So, now I’ve seen the climax of the Skywalker saga. I thought the ending was spectacular. Any people out there that I’ve seen trying to poke holes in it and say it has this problem or that are just reading too much into it. I think it is a wonderful, and scary tale of life versus the undead. That Emperor is scary, and the idea that all the previous Sith are living within him. 

I thought that the inclusion of everyone into the story together was a very smart choice. They gave almost everyone something really important to do together. They jumped around the galaxy, people died when they needed to (more on Kylo in a second) and Chewbacca got to shine on his own. One thing I would like to know is what’s up with all of Poe’s infinity scarves? Is he hiding a crazy injury or something? It seemed odd. 

One disappointment for me was that I didn’t think Rose was utilized enough. She’s a good character, and I don’t understand why she wasn’t in the Falcon for the big quest. I know that a Finn/Rose side romance would have made the movie three hours long, so I understand, but I could have used some more snarky Rose in the film. 


R2 is where he should be, by Leia’s side, and we got to see the introduction of Coneface, my new favorite robot, though I’m not sure quite how he fits in yet. I think C-3P0 was priceless. He was funny, he stole scenes he was in, and was fantastic comic relief, doing all the things that he is best at, the best part I think, was challenging him with knowing the odds, having to make a difficult decision when the time came. 


Oh, the cameos! That’s probably an entire entry all by itself, from Star Wars of old all the way through as many of J.J.’s friends from Felicity to Lost that showed up in it, and if I’m not mistaken, I saw a certain Wedge Antilles flying out there in the big space battle as well.  Lando might have been the highlight of these for me. Tow things especially. How he admires the inside of the Falcon when he goes in with Chewbacca and how he explains that he’s an old man now. His adventuring career is naturally coming to a close. 


I am conflicted about Kylo’s story. On one hand, I think it totally follows form, but I am saddened because I believe there is a lot more story there. The way I see it, Darth Vader died at the end of Return of The Jedi, and there has been no shortage of stories about him since that time. Still, I think there is a certain bittersweet sadness about stories with Rey and Kylo on adventures of their own. I’ll live. 


Want a lightsaber of your own? I suppose you could go get anything from a plastic toy to a replica from Galaxy’s Edge (on my bucket list…) or from any number of other places on the Internet. Some are actually making balanced ones for stunt work and athletics, or you could go the route of these folks, who did their best to put one together, taking into consideration today’s technology and what they came up with is so interesting because they got a lot closer than I thought they would. I love the idea of having one, but I have difficulty choosing a color, I always figured I’d burn my face off or something with it. 

Strange note. Between the prequels, The Last Jedi and the Solo movie, we’ve seen several other electrified weapons running around. What I don’t think we’ve ever seen yet is a laser dagger-wielding character. Maybe I’ll get a chance to add that to the franchise in the future. 

The Rise of Skywalker was a tremendous film. I think it a good way to tie up the Skywalker saga. If you haven’t yet, go see it. If you are out there making videos about plot holes, or hating on one element or another, or trolling other videos, saying things to start flame wars, remember that Palpatine tells Anakin that the Sith learn skills no Jedi teaches, that they find unnatural. Jedi, concerned with the living force probably don’t like the idea of using up their life force to save another. It was good. Really good. 

Before anyone takes it too seriously (the movies about space wizards for kids) here are sone chipmunks in a lightsaber battle. 

#reylo forever.

Merry Sithmas everybody, be nice to each other this holiday season.

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