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How long has it been since you rolled up a character? Ever? I’m talking Dungeons & Dragons, that’s right. It’s all point based systems these days, designed to get you into some sort of sweet spot where nobody ever has straight eighteens anymore, but you are much more likely to get a character you like quicker. That’s okay. Nothing wrong with it, but I don’t know how much fun I had, just sitting by myself with a piece of scratch paper and four dice. 

Everyone get them out. Get a notepad, or open a text file if that’s easier. Find an app for your phone —I like Mach Dice, or imagine it… get out four six-sided dice, and a pencil if you aren’t typing.


Okay. Write OT the following statistics (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution, Charisma) a column like this:

Then start rolling. I like the variation that goes: four dice for each score, minus the lowest scoring die. For example, you might have a 5, 4, 6, and a 1. Tossing the 1, that’s a 15. 

Do that for all six scores, in order. No switching! You may as well just pick them by point value then. Remember, we’re old schooling this. No re-rolling either for this exercise!

In Dungeons & Dragons you’d then pick a human, elf, dwarf or what have you, and that would alter things a little, but for now, just let that go. Let’s assume we’re all human. No pluses or minuses. What did you get? Does it line up with you?







4d6, throwing out the lowest one each.
If you’re daring, pick a method and send me your scores (first set only! No re-rolling this time.)
Remember this chart?

It used to be suggested that a higher strength and constitution, think fighter, intelligence was Magic-User (Thankfully Wizard now!) Wisdom was for Clerics and Paladins (with that Charisma) Dexterity was for the Thief (Later Rogues.) how did it turn out? The idea was at one point you would roll up a new character and not know you were a wizard or a fighter until after the dice were in.

Did it follow the bell curve? It generally should with a slight boost into the positive side. Did you find out you were closer to normal than you thought? Not necessarily a super hero, great at everything? Me too. 

My best character ever had no score higher that 13. I remember having fun playing that fighter more than any other, and that was something like thirty years ago. 

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