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This week, I fed my curiosity about collecting coins, revisited my childhood through re-familiarizing myself with a spellbook so dangerous that the back cover text I remember from when I was a teenager implied that knowledge of the contents of the book once known could kill you. Then I followed that up with a Batman adventure through which he struggles with his own inner demons manifesting as madness as he battles different versions of himself from across several dimensions. Bananas right?

For some bizarre reason, I decided to share what I’m reading this year. Some of it might seem strange or unconnected, but it’s kind of a mirror of what’s going on in my mind… 

Stack Silver Get Gold

This book details the hobby of collecting or stacking coins today in the form of gold and silver primarily as well as gathering them in bar form. It speaks to the difference between standard American Gold Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaves and more numismatic coins such as the Chinese Panda. I’m not in the habit of believing the dollar is about to collapse or anything but it is interesting to see what people are doing, and it might be fun to invest a little in gold and silver. I’m a big Dungeons & Dragons player, so there’s something interesting about dropping an American Eagle on the table and saying “silver piece, right there.”


When I was a teenager the Necronomicon was the book of magic, with no author that was both forbidden because it was apparently full of knowledge that would kill you, and available to anyone easily by paperback for a nominal fee. I never bought one until now as an ebook, though I did spend at least one night at a friend’s house, which I suppose is the reason I remembered some of it. 

I have the standard plush Cthulhu on my shelf like many Dungeons & Dragons and other RPG players have, and when I got to the diagrams I found lettering and symbols that I swear a teacher once wrote into my senior annual. Now I’m going to have to find that cryptic scribble somewhere in everything we have in storage and see if it really means something. 

I can safely say that my head did not indeed explode. It’s not too dangerous to read. If anything I found it moderately silly. The prevailing thought is that it was written anonymously by H.P. Lovecraft, which I agree with. It felt like I was reading his personal world-building notebook.

The Batman Who Laughs

Apparently, the what-if in question here requires us to believe not only in Batman, but that there is an infection in the Joker’s blood that will transform anyone who kills him into the new Joker, and that someone is grabbing Bruce Waynes from other dimensions. Guess who is infected and slowly turning into the joker as he fights different versions of himself?

It’s a strange story, possibly not the best Batman mystery I’ve read, but relatively entertaining. The version I read was a graphic novel compilation. It’s no Dark Knight Returns, but it’s good.

Exhibit A

One problem I have is that it uses a device to display the schism in Batman’s mind as the Joker virus takes over his body. Lettering changes from black or white to red just here and there, sometimes a letter or a word, sometimes more until the Joker has taken over, and the backgrounds are all black or gray. It is a great visual, but it’s so hard to read! Don’t do it…there isn’t enough contrast. There’s got to be a better way to do it.

Off Topic for a Second

It has come to my attention, that another fine man with my name has just placed in a Southland Academy Wrestling tournament. From one John Saye to another, I wanted to say Way to go!

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