Puzzle pieces
Puzzle Pieces

I’m looking for puzzles, things to do right at my rolling desk (from bedchill.com) that I can use to help me work on my hands. I’ve got putty, which is good, and a clean space to do it in, but I’m looking for other ideas. I have minimal use of my hands, but the potential to strengthen them. I feel like a baby, just able to pick up a plush toy, but I’ve got a kind that wants to construct a fish tank, but since I can’t walk across the floor and certainly couldn’t yet heft even a ten-gallon tank onto a table, I’m certainly not ready for that kind of thing. I’ve got a betta on the table, which is ancient, although I think he’s dying, I don’t get to take care of him. I can’t open the food to feed him, and I can’t handle his water changes. It’s nice to have him, but I’m looking for something I can take care of myself. I’ve thought about sea monkeys, but I think that might be too similar to the betta. I’d like to return a turtle, but that’s even more work than a fish tank. 

My mind keeps spinning to hobbies and tasks as I recover that my body just isn’t ready for. So I need some input. What are some things I can do, right in front of me, in the square foot of free desk space I have that I can also use to work on my hands with, that could become something of a hobby for me? I keep thinking about looking for miniaturized board games (though nothing with cards. Not ready for that yet. Maybe a puzzle, but it’s got to be small, and if I move the wrong way and lose a piece, it might be curtains for that. I’ve got a colorful puzzle my sister sent me from Alaska. It’s cool, but hurts my fingers after just a few minutes, so, I’ve put a hold on that for a while. I thought about slime or something like it, but frankly, I don’t want to deal with the cleanup. 

Anything you use that’s small and soft as a desk toy? I might like to take a look. 

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