I realize my ramblings can seem like a strangely unstable recap of what I’m thinking about this week, and true some weeks are more pulled together essays than others, and this week certainly isn’t one of those. No this week is a conglomeration of all the strange stuff that’s up, and what seems important is just bubbling to the top in a way that may or may not make sense, based on how lucky I am, and which end of the spectrum I land on, right?


This week I’ve been putting down the first few thousand on a story that I’ve had three or four false starts on. It’s one of those where I’ve either had a great character and no plot, or a great title with no story, or all of the above with no central conflict to drive the story forward. This time I might have a slightly better handle on it from the point of view of the outline. Mine still has a few holes in it, that I’m hoping to fill, but a writer, whose stuff I like about story structure went a long way towards helping me get this one in order. K.M.Weiland has a great way of dissecting the hero’s journey by the use of taking apart the movie Star Wars, and when you’re a life-long fan like I am, it’s a great way to cut through the bull and key-in on what’s missing from my story at any particular point. 

Also this week, I want to single out YouTube to give thanks to. It’s amazing. Just the other week, I was complaining that after an ‘update’ to the iOS app, it now no longer shows me the number of videos added to each channel I subscribe to there, since my last visit. Since then, I have cut my video watching there by something like 90%. 

Recipe for success: start with a thousand foul shots a day. It’s all about practice, even if you never reveal some manuscripts because they were just ‘practice.’

I know.

I used to get seriously stuck. When I could tell how many new videos had been added, I felt a much larger obligation to ‘catch up’ but now it takes so much work to identify what hasn’t been watched, I feel almost giddy about leaving them, and never finding out how many there were. I’ll go through, watch a couple, instead of fifteen or twenty and happily be on my way. Thanks YouTube! You realize if I had a way to dump every new unwatched video from channels I’m subscribed to into a queue automatically, I imagine I’d be little more than an animated skeleton screaming like a manic house elf by now. 

As a result on top of that, I find it much easier to get in my daily writing again. 


I’m starting my quest early this week, getting into the planning stages for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I recently acquired a kindle edition of Chris Baty’s No Plot, No Problem. It’s got all you need to get your National Novel Writing Month story started. I’ll do another fuller mention of NaNoWriMo closer to starting time, probably in October somewhere. I’m enjoying reading through it again. First time since I got sick and haven’t been able to handle physical books. 


I’ve been taking a bit of a rest from therapy this last bit. I’m going through a couple of home health recertification periods. Physical therapy is down a visit this week, and Occupational is still on hold. I’ve had the same OT for a year and that throws all sorts of rules into play that force me to go on a break for a couple of weeks. I gave to say that i’m still getting some new movement in my right shoulder despite that break, I just hope it’s not hindering everything else.


I futzed with the website a fair amount and I think I’ve gotten to the point where i’m done messing with it fir a while. I’ve got my layouts pretty well agreed upon, my color scheme set up, my icons and menus where I like them, and the header images set up and behaving like I like them. I’ve played a lot with the featured images on the site, and decided where I want them to go. Now all I have to do is check out the tag pages, and search pages (do I gave those?) and see if I can do some tweaking there to the headline text I think. I don’t think it’s strong enough there. Trick is when you’re editing the template, don’t blow it up. I’m good though. Maybe I won’t blow it up much…


Is all about practice. Apparently it’ll even help me on the myelin regeneration front.


I have learned an eternal truth this week; chili cheese fries just don’t crisp up all that well in the oven. I know it should be obvious, but there’s something just so nice about food crisped up slightly in the oven when you’re reheating it for the second day. much as I want it to work, this is just too wet a dish to make it work. I thought I’d get a crispy edge here or there, coming up from the chili, and although there were a couple of them, there just weren’t enough to make a difference. 

So, it’s a lot of strange stuff, but the point is, it’s coming together for success. I’m getting PT in to help me get up, and i’m getting ready to get that next book out

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