Why do I want to start podcasting? I’ve enjoyed them for years, and I’ve admired some who do the work. I have friends who podcast, some regularly, some not so regularly. I’m just obsessed with the process and think it would be an exciting challenge to do one. I’ve already got starting equipment from my fooling around with streaming, so there’s no problem there. I’m still recovering from GBS, so that’s a challenge. I don’t know if this is just a part of my current research obsession or if I’m going to make this into a complete product if I just want to use it to promote my other books, or just what yet,  if I what I’m after here is the intellectual process of planning to do one. That alone would probably be satisfying to me. It breaks down into several considerations for me. I need to think about where to host and at what level, what kind of show precisely that I’m planning to do, and when to do my recording. 


There are plenty of places to host and plenty of plans from free to too rich for my blood, and tons of choices between. Do I try to hack it down to my WordPress site? Do I pick an outside host? Do I need another domain name? (Not to mention I’m still coming up with titles…)

what’s more critical, bandwidth space, tools? What’s the balance between this project and the pulp fiction books I’m working on now? I don’t want to set that aside for this. Another thing I’m scared of is that I’m still not very good with a mouse. The editing, which of course I’d want to do because I’m into that kind of thing, might be a challenge as a result. I think the biggest reason to pay and host it somewhere is so I have someone to call if my feed breaks and I need help.


Formats! Good grief, there are so many formats I keep thinking of doing. Just about everything now is over a Zoom meeting or something. I’m not thinking interview show, always some form of fiction, but if I tried to gather a cast, it would have to be over some kind of internet meeting, which of course, means I’m at the mercy of different levels of microphones. I thought about doing table readings of plays in the public domain, working my way up to paying to perform more current stuff. I’m not sure I want to organize that. I’m likely to keep it closer to home, mostly me, with occasional call-in segments. The trick then is what the story is about.? It’s always fiction in my mind. I want to create an escape, not a commentary. I don’t want to review books, movies, or television. I don’t want to comment on the news. I don’t want to remind people of obscure facts or break apart why anything works. So it’s fiction then. Stuff I’ve written or worked up somehow. Should I create audiobooks of my fiction? That worked pretty well for Scott Sigler. Do I want to make a radio serial in the style of The Shadow? Maybe an anthology series, Twilight Zone-style, each week featuring different characters and situations? Perhaps some kind of mixture of these things. There’s also another idea: what’s the podcasting equivalent of a daily comic strip? That’s got to be a thing somehow. I’ve got a lot of ideas to run through here.


What time to record is an issue for me. I don’t have a traditional office in the fact that I’m currently working from a hospital bed that I occupy most of the time. I’m immobile without assistance, though I am gaining leg strength, I still can’t get up and around without a lift. Sound I record is frequently subject to the television in a nearby room, and there are times and days when people continually flow through the room I’m situated in. Due to COVID-19, my children are home permanently for the summer early. We have a household of six. There’s just a lot of activity, and I can’t get anywhere on my own to isolate the noise. I could ask for quiet at some point, but doing that makes me self conscious and nervous. I feel like that just draws too much attention to me.

So, what’ll it be? When can I record it? Where do I want to host it? What’s my format? I’m using this entry to help me work it out.

What it means is that I’ll need to be creative.

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