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Walking the path
Walking the Path

Amid the Coronavirus spreading and making its way across the country, and at least in my state, Public Schools closing their doors for the rest of the year, I’m trying to do my best to hunker down and keep doing what I do best, which is the writing. I’m almost used to the idea of being in quarantine all the time anyway, just from the fact that I can’t move well on my own, and already only really leave the house to go to the doctor anyway. I figure with the advances in telemedicine going on in a little mini-revolution we are all now a video call away from being under house arrest for the next month due to social distancing anyway, so what I need to do is get my priorities in line, some of which aren’t that serious, and some of which are, for the next quarter’s worth of work. 


I’ve got four scripts in the backlog that I want to work on, and one is about 80% ready, an idea I had while I was in the hospital for a natural monster hunter, kind of a mini Buffy the vampire slayer style hero, teams up with a dead detective, who appears as a ghost, and I want to work on that manuscript. I want to rewrite a few scenes, fill in some glaring gaps, and polish it off, and see if I can make it ready for human consumption. It’s a fun, strange little story, and I’d kind of like to finish it. 


I also have ideas for the beginning of several Dungeons & Dragons modules that I would like to bring to the Dungeon Master’s Guild. I’ve been fooling with them for a while, and I just need to jump in there and knock them silly. I want to wrestle three of them to the ground and get them up, including formatting, and getting at least one original map for each of them. I think that the key to these is not to overthink them. 


I am also planning to dabble in screenwriting again. I’ve picked up a screenwriting book I used in college that helped me get organized before, and maybe it will again. It’s an updated version, which I think means there are dozens of more examples stuffed in there for me to read through before I can get to the nuts and bolts of it, but I’m going to go through them and see what I can find out. I’m not exactly in a position to draw much attention to screen-written work in a South Georgia, but I’ve got a couple of ideas. I’m toying with. One is the idea of splitting them up and creating a bunch of cliffhanger-style story-time videos for each script. I’m not sure I’m into that, but it might work. 


I’m trying to read several books, and yes, I include some comic books in there, that cover an incredibly wide range of topics. I’m reading the second Umbrella Academy and the second Locke & Key volumes (they were fantastic TV), and I’m reading Syd Field’s Screenwriter’s Workshop. I’m also reading Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, this time on audible, and Alan Watt’s book The Way of Zen because I want to work on my meditation practices. There are other things I’m looking at reading, but these are the ones on my radar that I’m actively trying to get through. I’m about half-way through The Way of the Zen, and I don’t think I’ve retained any of it and come to think of it, I’m not sure that I’m supposed to, looking at it. 


Strange list here. First I want to watch the Joker movie. I’m kind of on my own here, and I can handle that, but as a long-time DC fan, I feel like I need to know how that film goes down. I also want to line up all nine Star Wars movies and go through them from one to nine. I’m not sure if this is a task I want to handle, but the other night I was having a ‘Write what you know,’ moment and thought, well you know Star Wars. I might be concentrating on some kind of Space Opera like that, so I ought to look and see if I can incorporate some of those ideas. As a bonus, I might revisit the Mandalorian, but purely as a bonus. I’ve got a ton already on my list, and I haven’t even talked about Twine yet. 


I want to play with creating choose your adventures, but I don’t like what they look like on a kindle (usually with every entry in the contents), so I found a pretty good method of creating them with a program called Twine that will spit them out as HTML files that I can just upload to my site. Maybe if I go through and make a couple of them, I can get it out if my system. I’m not sure if this activity is doable in the next three months or not, but I’m going to put some time into it. Maybe I’ll just write a short one. 

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