Nano Tanks

This week in my mind I’m redecorating aquariums I don’t have, contemplating a different range of snacks that I can now pick up, as well as where I’d like to go with that. I’m writing, and editing a ton, and getting ready for a re-issue of some older titles while I hammer out another manuscript in the mornings. 


I love aquariums and have an obsession with them. Seems like a strange hobby for someone without the ability to put one together and aquascape it, besides the fact that I have no idea where I would put an aquarium if I had one, and certainly there’s no way to do maintenance on one. I have a Betta in a small square bowl at the end of my computer table called Merlin, so I’m getting some of the benefits of having a fish in that respect. He’s got to be one of the longest-lasting Father’s Day gifts ever. 

None of that stops me from scouring YouTube to gather my thoughts and figure out what I’d like to do. Eventually, I’d like a fish room with five to eight-ten gallon tanks, at least two fifty-five gallon tanks, and a couple to three thirty-three or twenty-gallon tanks. I’ll go from there, but I think the idea of breeding fish is interesting, in addition to getting a turtle. The mascot of the GBS Warriors is a turtle, the whole Getting Better Slowly thing, so once I’ve got a tank together that could handle a good-sized turtle, I’m getting one. I know red-eared (possibly yellow-bellied) sliders are kind of a red flag that’s-too-big kind of turtle, but I don’t care. Every time I see it in my mind, I’ve got a slider in there. I’m looking forward to him or her.

As for what breeds I’m interested in, I want to do guppies, easy enough right? Females practically get sold to you pregnant, and shrimp, various species, but I’ll start with some cherry shrimp. I’ll keep it easy to start. I also want to try angelfish, and strangely discus, which I know is a stretch from those other fish. After that maybe I’ll settle down a while. One thing I know is that I want to see how many tanks I can get donated to the cause so-to-speak. I want to see, when I get it all started up, how many tanks I can find whose owners have decided to get out of the hobby. I also want to get into planted tanks. The only problem I have with planted tanks is that aside from sword plants, nothing seems to have a common nickname to call it by. Everything feels so technical and biological in nature. I’ll sort it out. 

There’s this guy on YouTube I like that does tanks planted so well that no filtration is needed at all. I’m not sure I want to go that far, but I think it would be something great to aspire to. I have a lot to learn from him. I think despite all this that when I feel like I’m ready for a new tank I’ll likely start with either a five or ten-gallon nano tank.

I think something like this would be a much better home for my very patient little blue fish. My little dude doesn’t have a bad life, living in the middle of my crazy room, but this just looks so nice. 


I’m obsessed with trail mix. The trouble with it is that I can’t really lift the little tiny cereal based pieces that most of the great ones are built from. I’m close, just not yet there. I’be even practicing with shredded mini wheats, but the Chex, well, let’s just say I’ll get there okay? What I gave done though, is rediscovered the Combo. 

I’ve been getting combos, which are half cheese/half pretzel and mixed them with little peanut butter snacks, cashews, and dried dates. The peanut butter things are harsh on the roof of the mouth, so I’m not likely to do those again, but the rest of it is pretty good. The dates are freaking me out though they do serve great as large-sized dried fruit if you aren’t looking closely, they kind of look like roaches. (Sorry dried dates!)


this week I’ve been chugging along on my space story, throwing about eight thousand words at it. I’m having fun with it, and I’m building an outline for this November’s NaNoWriMo event (something that I’ll keep doing, even if they quit it. They just updated their website, so go check them out.



I want to pay homage to Grammarly, and their staff. With its input, which I probably wasn’t ready for when I first released them, I’m using it to scan through older work. Not every change it suggests, do I count as law, especially some of the more ambiguous stuff, but by and large they are helping me make lots of tiny changes that are making them read a little better. I’m also using a text-to-speech program to help me listen to a draft of a chapter as I read it again. I’ve always heard that reading a manuscript aloud can help, and this process, now a permanent part of my editing process I think is helping me notice even more clunky phrases that with a little tweaking sound much better.

So, keep a small aquarium? What’s in your Nano Tank?

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