Monster of the Week

Monster of the Week
Monster of the Week

I have made an RPG discovery that I feel like I should share. It’s called Monster of the Week, and the structure, how the character sheets function, gives the ability to create creative horror on-the-fly. I’ve gotta try this thing. Below is a two-part adventure from youtube that’s a great example of what you can do.

I don’t expect anybody who is under great RPG nerd like me to watch both of these things, like I did, but you can really get a great feel of what’s going on in a system the referee doesn’t really even make any roles. No maps, dice or tabletop need everybody’s having a great time and frightened for their character who is facing the monster of the week.

This is a complete urban fantasy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Men in Black and X-Files all rolled into one. You got your vampires, your aliens and your sludge monsters from nowhere, pretty much anything you can make up, and this system ties them all together in a framework that is flexible, fun and highly exciting.

Part 1

Part 2

I simply must try this system.

Getting Started with Monster of the Week

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