Mobile World

It’s an increasingly mobile world. I’ve been struggling the last couple of days with the direction I want to take creatively while at the same time changing up my workflow to use my phone more than my iPad these days. The iPad is still a useful tool but I buy I think I’m just excited because among other things I’m getting better with my fingers and want to exercise them as often as I can. Lately I’ve been a little happy on the phone because after an upgrade I’ve got one of these phones with the Face ID and with that and the lack of a home button to mash. This makes such a huge difference to me because smashing that button has been near impossible for me without help of some kind. I am really able to use my phone well for the first time since 2016 when I first got sick. Not having to use the home button, which I basically have to lean in on with one of my right knuckles to use I am just so happy for Face ID.

In other news? I’ve been researching practicing and learning what I can about podcasting. I also just redesigned my website. I grabbed a new template and rocked through getting it organized. I think it’s great. There’s plenty more work to do but I think the skeleton is there that I can use to move forward with the most exciting and terrifying thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to obsess about doing, creating a podcast. I’ve set myself up here for this new layout to succeed with that in mind, and since some weeks I find it challenging to get a blog entry out there, and now I’m envisioning creating a fictional serial, read and performed by me on a weekly basis in addition to that, all while not being capable of getting out of bed in my own. I don’t know how any of this is going to work, but I know one thing that us true. I don’t have to see that far ahead of me to know I’m on something.

I’m not one to talk with as limited mobility as I have but I think there’s going to be a ton of new businesses, shows, podcasts, theme parks, indie movies and game shows that are going to come out if all this COVID-19 stuff. There’s light on the N other side. It’s the only way I can see it. This ain’t the end folks. It’s the beginning. Of what? That I’m not so sure of.

Sometimes, like Mick Dundee, I think it’s time to get on our own metaphorical roofs and make a “ phone call” for help.

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