Is living forever such a great idea? I’ve always thought that the human body seems like it should last forever. I know people get old, we all age and die and the idea that medications developed could keep us alive for ages and ages just seems to be inevitable to me. I think that medical science tends to grow by leaps and bounds, and before too long something like this could be possible.

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If you couldn’t die a natural death would you just be waiting around for your own personal accidental or violent death?

Longevity has been knocking at the door of my mind for a while as a Novella. Take a ride with Jacob and surf along with him as he rides the wave of time into the future.

I think the most important thing to remember about living a thousand or more years, should science actually provide that is that over the years your life will be so different from period to period that they may be unrecognizable to each other.

 I’ve run this old favorite novella of mine through some additional edits, and as I’m updating it to go on other platforms, it was just time. I’ve gotten better, learned new tricks, and I always want to deliver work that has had the best chance I can give it. 

Longevity taught me some hard lessons, things I need to be thinking about. The first of which, and probably the most important is to search first when giving a book title just a single world. I think it took me just about forever to find it in the long list of titles to get it claimed for my amazon author page. I also learned a lot about how I want to structure my books moving forward. 

It’s also the first time I decided to write something based on the ideas of a TED talk. Sadly I don’t believe he speaks publicly about these ideas any more, but he has a point. It could very well be that the first to live to two-hundred are alive today, and that before they reach three-hundred, they may have already solved the issues that cause 300-year-olds die of, and so on. 

I did enjoy writing it. I hope you can take some enjoyment in it.

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