Life Cancelled?

Will covid-19 stop us

Everything in the world is changing. Everyone is staying away from each other and doing all this social distancing, but I don’t want this to become the norm, and since we are everywhere, dominating the landscape and so good at making more of ourselves,  encroaching on wildlife left and right, it’s going to be hard to do this forever. 

Everything is still at a standstill, and even when all the shelter-in-place orders (I despise being ‘ordered’ by my government despite generally not being able to get around anyway) are lifted, will all these displaced people just go back to their jobs? I’m assuming you have some who retained their jobs, working from home, and there are some who have been cut off from them, non-essential workers who could no longer get to where their job was, a lot of them are just going to move on. Some will migrate, some will vanish, others will find something closer to home, or flat out start their home businesses. The working landscape is going to shift and change. Offices working on a skeleton crew through this COVID-19 crisis will cut tons of staff, move to smaller offices, and permanently displace workers, and some businesses will simply cease to be. 

If you aren’t essential, and no one is leaving their house to visit your shop, you are going to be in some serious jeopardy of closing for good when the rent is due, and you haven’t sold a single comic book or even received shipment of the next month’s titles. 

I’m turning my attention to two more events this year, that the Coronavirus will impact, and I don’t want it to interrupt them. This year is the summer Olympics, and it’s a presidential election year in the United States. These two things must not be canceled. The Olympics has been canceled before, but it’s crucial to the structure of the government of the US that we have an election. There’s going to be a crap-ton of absentee ballots in the mail at the very least. I think we need to be hearing about that here in Georgia. The primary has been postponed until May 19th now. How much longer can we suspend life?

We’ve canceled sports seasons, postponed primary elections (what happens if elected officials overstay their term as a result?) we’ve canceled family gatherings, emptied churches (arresting preachers holding service anyways, and rightly so) and keep away from each other, most often inside, binging on Netflix and Disney+ shows. For God’s sake, Disney parks and hotels are closed! The primary place that I dream of traveling for a vacation is closed for business. Doors shut, and rightly so. That many people together. It’s insane. Can you imagine? It would spread around the world like wildfire at a Disney park, and I’ll bet the regular old flu does too during an average Disney summer. Will we ever be ready to go back?

I feel like I’m in a movie, and every one of that kind of story, I no longer want to experience. I think this will change the entire landscape. 

Here’s the thing; I think that this is going to make us human beings hypersensitive to Disease tracking and transmission. I think it’s going to cause a lot of fear and make us all into real hermits. It would not surprise me if before this is over, the second most popular part of the local newscast segment behind the weather is the virus report, where this year’s strains are swirling. If it’s not COVID-20 or something else. It’ll be this year’s three flu strains. I think this is coming. 

Too dramatic? Maybe we’re seeing the other side now?

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