I have Spoken!

This is my new favorite thing from Star Wars. I have spoken!

When I was growing up, I was part of a generation of kids who were enamored and blown away by Star Wars. No one had ever seen anything like it, and the toys were everywhere. I was among those who had pretty much all the early stuff. I had a Mom who worked I’m a toy division and was able to grab and put stuff back and layaway what she could so my cousin and I could get as much of the cooler stuff as we could. I remember my Obi-Wan’s head came off, but I kept him anyway because he just became my version of Ben’s ghost. That’s where I’m coming from. 

No denying it

I don’t deny Trekkers their moment in the spotlight, I don’t think one is better than the other, but that’s just what got my attention as a kid. Star Trek was on as much as the sixty-six Batman was on too, but it was more of a Saturday Afternoon thing that wasn’t getting my attention. It all (the original trilogy) came out before Star Trek the Next Generation a; pearled, which I was into as well, but that all came later for me. There were three movies, it had a great story arc, it drew me in, it was grand scale rather than episodic, where the Star Trek world wasn’t going through large changes week to week. Don’t beat me up too bad there. Oh, and there was this holiday special that we had to deal with. 

The forked rifle returns!

What that show did, prior to Boba Fett (who turns out not to be a Mandalorian even though he wears the helmet) appearing introduced the bounty hunter in the first Star Wars cartoon segment. It introduced the weapon, the strange forked rifle used by the Mandalorian in this new show, and combined with the happy life day reference said by what might be my favorite new ugnaught character, I think that this new show kind of brings the whole Star Wars saga full circle somehow for me. It was interesting how after all this time, that forked rifle returned. I know it’s just folks at Lucasfilm going into the archives to look for interesting designs that have made it into the films yet to make sure they use. But this shows that they went far far back into the very early days of Star Wars material for their inspiration. I’d do seem like it’s a little bit Good the Bad and the Ugly in space here, possibly with a little Moses character thrown in. I think it’s going to be good. 

I think we’re really getting a fresh angle on Star Wars with this show. I think we’re also looking at a great place to watch Lucasfilm closely try new things, new techniques, and new filming styles. 

The headline of this article says almost all you need to know! https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2019/11/12/27468278/the-mandalorian-has-a-goblin-nick-nolte-riding-a-giant-angry-tadpole-and-im-not-sure-what-else-anyone-could-ask-for

Will it look like it could lay right in with the rest of Star Wars? Time will tell.  Since Lucasfilm has been trying to bury the holiday special (that I watched the one time it aired live) I really enjoyed the two references back to it.

Happy life day people. I have Spoken! (I’m going to have to say this now a lot!)

Star Wars Holiday Special Clip


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