I have joined something quite unique

Kurt Reynolds (no relation)
Kurt Reynolds (My Character)

I’m not saying I’ve got a front-row seat for the next Critical Role or anything, we’re far from there. Still, I may have managed to hitch on for a ride with a reasonably exciting and eclectic group of friends meeting online and across the country on Friday evenings who all enjoy tabletop roleplaying games. We’re in it for an adventure we’re planning to post on youtube and with that, add to the plethora of D&D-related content that’s already out there.

Will it catch on? Will anyone care? I don’t know. After recording a few, we may not even like the process. What I do know is that I plan on having a blast. Like many campaigns these days, it has a name. So, in Maceballs I’m playing as Kurt Reynolds (no relation) a Wizard/Warlock Tortle with an inexplicable gray and distinguished mustache. Think of him like he’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Jedi with a kind heart and a strange (possibly evil?) sense of humor.

The design is a light-hearted comedy centering on the celebration of pop-culture movie and cartoon references and parody on top of parody on top of parody.

Opening sequence

We have help, friends, and apparently animators interested in helping us as well. Below is a rough cut of what may transform into our opening title sequence. This is the kind of project that brings people together. It’s already infesting people’s minds and compelling their inner zombie cortex to look for ways to help.

This may be my best chance of fulfilling my life-long desire to star in a 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon.

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