Help John get an FES exercise bike

UPDATE: The GoFundMe campaign was a success. As soon as the funds clear and my doctor finishes signing off, I’ll be able to order the bike. I am wild with anticipation, grateful, and excited by all of this. The garage is cleared out and ready. It’s almost here!

Gofund my legs!

As many of you may already know, I suffered a catastrophic illness, GBS , in 2016. I was paralyzed from the feet and hands up over a few weeks, resulting in an eight-month hospital stay across three different facilities in GA. At my worst, I could move my head a little and blink. I was intubated and used a breathing tube through the neck for five of those months. Though I’m slowly regaining strength and been breathing on my own again for some time, it’s been a long haul. I still can’t lift the weight of my legs much, and though I can speak again and move my arms, hand strength is still way behind.

There is hope, though.

Before I got sick, I lost 100 lbs. walking Piedmont Park during lunch, and I have a dream to get an etrike and ride it across Florida and beyond. I still want to achieve that, despite not being able to (at the moment) walk, get up or hold the handlebars well.

I need an electric-aided exercise I can do to reclaim some of that previous effort and shave off some additional pounds in the meantime. It’s hard to walk the park when you are stuck in a bed or a wheelchair all the time.

Physical therapy keeps starting and stopping due to insurance. I need a method that won’t break any family members’ backs to give my legs a decent workout. I think this product will do that for me. I used a similar industrial version of one of these while I was at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. I think it’s the right fit for my stage of recovery.

The price tag is a little high for one person, but possibly not for many?

Insurance won’t help out, or I’d have one already.

Help me get a Myolyn FES bike.

For one person, these are stupidly expensive. On a fixed income, I’ll need your help to get this sooner rather than way down the line.

The Myolin representative has assessed my case, and we all agree this might be just the ticket.

When this campaign is a success, I will blog my experience with it, and immediately begin tracking mileage.

My first goal is to trek virtually across Florida’s coast-to-coast trail. (220 miles) I’ll do it from the garage where I already see my future stationary Myolin bike situated.

Then I might make a virtual journey from New York to L.A. and track that.

By then, maybe I’ll have enough strength to stand up again and plop myself into that actual recumbent etrike and make the Florida coast-to-coast trail for real.

All the while, I’m planning to use cross country YouTube videos to help me visualize riding the trails on my own.

If you’ve helped us in the past, bless you and thank you again. If you have never heard of me before, go with me on this journey. It’s already been a wild ride. There’s hope I’ll walk again. This bike may be the thing that helps me past my current plateau and on my way to better health and possibly the key to eventual independence once more. (Where it would come from)

About GBS (Further insight on what I’ve gone through)

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