FES Bike arrives, so far it’s going well

The box gas arrived.
The box has arrived

This is it everything is here, it’s all put together I’ve gotten on it three times. The cycle is everything that I hoped it would be. The electrodes work, helping me to do the workout in time with motor associated with the pedals and I’m getting a full-body workout from this thing that I did not expect. Judy, from the company, came and helped us put together showed us how everything worked and guided me through the first session. After two more I think Amanda and I can get all the electrodes on and working, and my feet and the boots without too much cussing. One of the things that I did not expect was how much getting on this machine would affect my core and back. I expected a lot of soreness in the legs and pain associated with working them out, but I did not expect my shoulders and back to be engaged and that is just fantastic. I’m looking forward to writing miles and miles and miles on this machine going nowhere as I get a little full-body workout from it.


You can see me here, going through it for the first time. I’ve got twelve electrodes attached, and the machine is helping me run through my first twenty-minute set. There are two on each quad, two on each hamstring, and two more on each calf, working in sequence with the motor, computer, and pedals to help zap my muscles, so I can help to push through the workout.

in this little video, we have it set up in the middle of the kitchen. We’ve since moved out to the garage where I think we’ve got a lot more space to work with. I’ll post more of that later.

Leg One

So I decided to make a virtual journey while I was pedaling to nowhere. The bike logs distance, and so far I’m averaging about four miles per session, and were I mobile where would I go if I could? I decided to travel from here in Tifton, GA to the front door of Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Orlando. I checked it on google and it’s three-hundred miles there from here, so if I continue to average four miles per session, that should put me there (in a virtual sense) in seventy-five sessions or less. At this rate, I’m hitting four miles per session. Still talking my body into getting into the rhythm of getting out there on a regular basis, and getting the electrode pads on and off is an adventure all by itself. I am looking forward to my next session. Seems silly on the surface, but you’ve got to entertain yourself somehow right?

So far I’m about 13 miles in.

Virtual map to Disney


Guillain-Barré syndrome (gee-yon barr-ray, ...it's french), my original diagnosis. After this much time, it's considered CIDP.

GBS Fact Sheet


"Functional electrical stimulation is a technique that uses low-energy electrical pulses to artificially generate body movements in individuals who have been paralyzed due to injury to the central nervous system..."

FES Fact Sheet


The piece of FES equipment that I intend to re-train my GBS body with, and raised money for on Go Fund Me. (This is NOT sponsored.)


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