The  Coronavirus is all that is on anyone’s mind right now. It’s dominating the news cycle, occupying a hundred ninety-five percent of President Trump’s time, forcing him to get reacquainted with the CDC, all over the media, and making an impact on everyone’s lives. It’s a little surreal and feels something like a power outage to me. I feel like any second the power will come back on, and everything will return to normal, except that the electricity is on and one’s seen the utility truck cruising up the street yet. Schools are closed, for the foreseeable future it seems, Proms are canceled, and everyone who couldn’t before, because they had to be in the office, are all of a sudden easily able to work from home. Teachers and workers alike who can are teleconferencing like never before. It feels a lot like the feeling I had on 9/11 after the towers fell, and airplanes were all coming down. Everything was still and creepy. This time though, I think there is a glimmer of hope in the air in addition to the paranoia. I believe that through this, the right kinds of things will change for the good. 

Those who work in the foodservice industry and the truckers, and package shipment services are my complete heroes in this. If that blew apart too, then we may as well start walking (which I can’t currently) to Boulder Colorado. (Whether Stephen King agrees or not that Coronavirus is similar to Captain Trips.)

Everyone is indoors. We are keeping a social distance from each other. Churches are closed, yoga studios, pretty much anything that isn’t a restaurant, grocery store, hospital, or doctor’s office seems to be closed. I was already shut-in, for the most part, and now I feel like  I’m shut in, in a box in the closet with a blanket on top. I realize this is all in my mind, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel double shut-in. 

The power isn’t off, thank goodness, but it feels like the power’s off. I feel like we are sitting around, waiting for it to come back on. We expect, and watch TV, and at least, I’m thinking about starting a project, or another manuscript draft, but I don’t. My hands hurt always, and I slump, unable to get up on my own again. I ask for help, but it seems pointless. I know it isn’t, but it feels like it is. Why should I get up? Why should I get in the chair? Why should I go through the effort to just get into the next room because there is a virus going nuts out there, and my way of social distancing is not to move because I know that’s the only thing I’m in control of… But I know that’s not true. 

I’m the one who posted the first half of his blog in Pig Latin last week to see if anyone noticed. No one did, and why should they? This virus has us all going nuts. It’s time to bust out and start doing something with all this time. Something good. 

COVID-19 is a strain of a cold flulike virus. It’s not going to kill us all off. Yes, I’m among those immune-compromised, but this is a blip. It’ll be over like the Y2K bug and the end of the Mayan calendar. Schools are freaking out, and justly so, over the health of the children, they are places where large numbers are concentrated daily. Offices are making the right moves to isolate people, but the time to do it needs to stay short. I heard the other day that borders between countries are closing like that will stop a bug. The tendency towards isolationism cannot be what defines us moving forward. 

Cheer up folks, this will be over like nothing as soon as we know it!

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