Attack of the Atomic Bunny Rabbits!
The Man With Three First Naes
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  • Attack of the Atomic Bunny Rabbits! - On a cool early morning, science teacher Destin Kelly made his way to work. He […]
  • Pig Latin - i ovelay odedcay anguageslay, erscyphay, uzzlespay, andyay everythingyay otay oday ithway eorganizingray anguagelay. iyay ovelay […]
  • Longevity - Wherein I re-launch my novella, Longevity
  • Standard-Issue Partner - Wherein I gush about Draft2Digital. Why have i not used it until now?
  • Annuals - Wherein I think about the stuff I like to try and do at least yearly.
  • Scary Muppets - Wherein I discuss how everyone needs to watch the Netflix Dark Crystal prequel show and how in my other life I’m a puppeteer.
  • #NaNoWriMo 2019 - Wherein I announce that i’ll Be participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month. Who knew, right?
  • Nano Tanks - Wherein I contemplate the fate of my fish keeping hobby, and long to return to it.
  • Preparation - Wherein I contemplate how the synergy of things work together for the common good.
  • Making Choices - Wherein I contemplate choices, ones I enjoyed as a child, ones i’m Making now, and risky choices i’m Seeing in cinema.

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