Attack of the Atomic Bunny Rabbits!

Attack of the Atomic Bunny Rabbits

On a cool early morning, science teacher Destin Kelly made his way to work. He didn’t know they had escaped. He didn’t know they would overrun the town. He didn’t know they would change his life forever. Deep red, soft lovable fur. Fiery breath exploding across his classroom. Can he keep them a secret?

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A science experiment has gone wrong, and the science teacher and his family that find themselves in the middle of it all when rabbits under experiment at a local lab burst out and invade a small town. They run like wildfire, evade capture, spread out, and change from the inside out, their fur turning a deep red color before they open their mouths and belch fire. If he’d had a chance, Destin would’ve given them an F.

Houses crashing to the ground, cars flipping in the mayhem as three of the otherwise cute and cuddly bunnies adopt a new family trying to decide on a pet. Will they survive such bundles of fiery explosive atomic bunny rabbits?

I decided to update my old novella and realized that if d put about thirty thousand more words into it, I might have had Men in Black meets Gremlins. Children, and patens sneaking around, protecting new pets that can clearly kill you. I like this storm but it does have its flaws, and I think it may become part of a larger, future story for me. Going through my backlist and updating things lately, I’ve noticed several themes that keep showing up in my work. I heed some time to consider and hone those.


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