About John

JOHN SAYE is a writer of sarcastic surrealistic science-fiction and fantasy who overcame near-death experiences. His immune system tried to kill him, then attempted to burn his nerves away, nearly disconnecting his mind from his body. The treatment and nerve re-connections led to visions, dreams, nightmares, and reality checks. Many of these are now working themselves into his stories.

THIS SITE represents not only my presence as a writer, but also exists as a place for me to discuss favorite books, movies, or even television series down to the episode. Largely I want to take these established stories apart and see their structure, what makes them tick. If I look under the hood of enough of them, will it benefit or enhance the work that I’m doing? Either way, it seems like an interesting exercise.

SPOILER WARNING: I’ve always heard that your blog is where you write what interests you, but no one else cares. That might be true. I’ve decided to take time here to explore the story structure of TV episodes, and movies, and also my thoughts on some books.


I can be found at most social media sites @thejohnsaye, and you can email me at johnesaye@gmail.com

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